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Feeling blessed. (at Embarc Palm Desert)

Desert time. Then dessert. 4th is gonna be HOT! Happy holidays to everyone! Packed up, chilling, swimming, arcading, editing on the road. Change is good. Live, long and prosper as Spoke always says. #Embarc #4thofJuly #Independence #PalmDesert #FamilyFirst #CanonM50 (at Embarc Palm Desert)

Code of Hillmen. Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.

#Hillmen #Placer #CharacterWins (at Placer High School)

Jim Walmsley wins the 2018 Western States 100 mile run from @squawalpine to @visitauburnca in a course record 14:30:04 on a baking hot day! (Old record: Timothy Olson, 14:46:44, 2012) (at Placer High School)

Behind the scenes from incredible interview with Mo Bartley at Bootleggers in Old Town Auburn today. If you don’t know Mo, you ought to. She is a pioneer in the long distance running universe. From representing Team USA in Japan to finishing the Western States 100 Mile Run FIVE (yes 5) times. Thank you Ty Rowe for always being amazing. Food was incredible (as always). Huge thank you to Brandon Compton for Directing, lighting and making Mo and me look like we know what we’re doing… LOL. 4 camera shoot transcoded and grouping now for edit. Thank you everyone for your growing support. Mo will be on KAHI radio with me next month to discuss the Western States Endurance Run and more. #SierraGold pilot is in the edit room now. (at Bootleggers)

Hold on batsman!!! What a night? Spider-Man! Save the night. When lightening strikes you wake up - Mercy Mercy me. Pic is from Columbia Historic Township — throwback at Columbia Diggins.

#CanonM50 #Canon24L #SierraGold (at Sierra Gold - Original Series)

Photo bomb buddy. Look who had to get in for a tight shot. Beautiful horse. #CalaverasCounty #SierraGold #Horses #GoldCountry

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