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Not often you get to hang out with the Earp brothers. #Tombstone #VirgilEarp #WyattEarp (at Auburn, California)

Selfie from today’s monster hike down to North Fork of the American. #giddy #sierragold #str8up (at North Fork American River)

Passing 9th Street and on the road home 🙌👉👍 (at Paramount Studios)

Apple season coming to a close. On the farm, we have many fruit trees, and we are grateful for our apple trees. We pick on Sunday’s and dehydrate them for the girls lunches during the school week. Plus, they make a great snack. After almost six weeks of picking and eating our Golden’s and Gala’s - they finish their cycle for the year. Sad. But mandarin season is next. We love the cycle of life. It’s been a transition for the family moving back to the family farm and getting grounded in reality. For me, it’s always been about being a creator and not a consumer. Grow food - eat. Make videos - 💰. It’s all about creating and growing. I love you all. I miss my friend Ty who passed away on Friday. He was the most talented Chef I ever knew and a pillar to my hometown community of Auburn, CA @visitauburnca and the local high school, Placer Hillmen. RIP Ty. You are missed.

#RIPTY (at North Auburn, California)

Mr. Buckets doing last pan for the day on the North Fork with Chris Baldwin.
#PansandHands #SierraGold (at North Fork American River)

Tech nerd alert! Thank you @glidegear and your TelePrompTer set-up. Works amazing! I love it, clients gonna love it and make them look like rockstars. C200 filming with Sigma 18-35 f1.8 at about 22mm paired with iPad and TelePrompTer Premium app atop @sachtlersystems DV14 fluid head and legs.

#MagicMachine #CanonUSA #CanonC200
(at Sierra Gold - Original Series)

Happy Labor Day to you all. Old, young, gay, straight, Jew, Protestant, let today wave in your favor. #USA #AmericanFlag #Plotograph #SierraGold #Wes67 #ventura (at California)

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