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Got the Pony out today. Dusted her off and gonna take her for a ride. #Mustang #Ford #Wes67

Episode in edit and transcript. They go hand and edit. My process is to layout the meat of a great story, transcribe by hand on real time, non-stop with timecode notes. You grab and resonate with what you need. Redline and cut cut cut! Can’t wait to share this women’s journey thru ultra running supremacy. Listen and learn from a true champion. #MoBartley #WSER100 #SierraGold (at Str8UP Studios)

Fab Friday in the desert. Girls in movie theatre having a #StevenUniverse marathon on the big screen. Daddy sipping cold ones. #SierraGold #IPA #Blessed #Poolside (at Embarc Palm Desert)

Feeling blessed. (at Embarc Palm Desert)

Desert time. Then dessert. 4th is gonna be HOT! Happy holidays to everyone! Packed up, chilling, swimming, arcading, editing on the road. Change is good. Live, long and prosper as Spoke always says. #Embarc #4thofJuly #Independence #PalmDesert #FamilyFirst #CanonM50 (at Embarc Palm Desert)

Code of Hillmen. Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.

#Hillmen #Placer #CharacterWins (at Placer High School)

Jim Walmsley wins the 2018 Western States 100 mile run from @squawalpine to @visitauburnca in a course record 14:30:04 on a baking hot day! (Old record: Timothy Olson, 14:46:44, 2012) (at Placer High School)

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